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MOMENTUM: More Success in Business starts May 12

Price: $225.00
SKU: Momentum 3/2010


The Wisdom Connection Coaching TeleSeminar

Powerful telecoaching experience

MOMENTUM! and (more than you ever imagined but always hoped for) Success in Business

Learn how to use your feminine wisdom and power to create the business and life of your dreams

With Karen Buckley & Fay Freed
When: Four Wednesdays, May 12, 19, 26, & June 2, 2010
 4:00 - 5:30pm PT/ 7:00pm -8:30pm ET - 1.5 hours
Cost:   $225 
Who:   Women who want to increase their success in business.
How:   Activate a powerful methodology for engaging your feminine wisdom.
Women are experiencing unbelievable results from the potent worksheets, home play, answers to their specific business questions, and insightful coaching with Fay and Karen. The extra bonus is learning from everyone else’s questions and answers. This dynamic group meets by phone for four sessions.
Fay and Karen share tools and information applicable to advancing your career or building your own business. Close the gap between where you are and where you want to be by empowering your natural authority. On each call we will answer your most vexing questions. Enjoy the support of other committed women in this MOMENTUM Coaching Teleseminar.
Learn to apply your feminine wisdom to your business life and increase your ability to:
  • Focus on highest priorities and get them done
  • Find and leverage new opportunities
  • Become more confident and self trusting
  • Develop financial and non-financial goals and strategies to move them forward
  • Master your time through natural rhythms and finding the 'flow state'
  • Untangle knotty issues
  • Add “juice” to the way you do business
  • Feel even more successful and fulfilled as a business woman
The Teleseminar includes:
  • Business Momentum Questionnaire to focus your goals
  • Quadrant Model for establishing Priorities
  • Three “Traction Tools”
  • 4 Pathways into your Natural Authority
  • 3 Techniques for effective use of Intuition in business
  • Daily practices to build your wise feminine leadership
Sign up today to reserve your place. For questions, email:
When I dare to be powerful – to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid. Audre Lorde
What Other Women Have to Say!
"What amazing, eye opening gifts I've already received from the teleclass yesterday evening! Even after a day to soak it all  in and replay pieces of our conversation in my mind, I've gained so much...and it feels amazing.
Before starting these exercises, I thought I knew where I stood, how I thought I viewed myself as an artist, photographer, business woman. Now reflecting on them afterward, while I still know where my feet are planted, my arms are reaching in a new direction filled with life and breath. It's very powerful and so electrifying. I see now that the vision I have for myself and the business is greater than I imagined. Still so many questions to be answered, but the light of the ideas exist -- and it's that spark that creates big change!" 
Cathy Mores

Oh my .... you sure did deliver on today's call.  Awesome in every regard. Thank you for bringing your full and complete self to the call and to each of us.  I love what you have to say.  Please make sure you post where to listen to the recording because I want to hear it again.   Lora Amara

I gained perspective, the angle of feminine wisdom was the most important. One part of my feminine wisdom is the conscious awareness that enriches my perspective and the other is the way feminine wisdom help with practical application.  Jade Young

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