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Next Octave Women's Leadership Programs

Next Octave front pagewith Karen Buckley

These annual in-depth leadership development programs, co-led with Fay Freed, took women through the process of developing their wisdom and power, as a woman leader. Join Karen in May 2016 in Hawaii or Rancho La Puerta, Mexico in December 2016 for the updated version of this program!

Do you ever:

  • Minimize your gifts rather than valuing your strengths?
  • Feel invisible or behind the scenes, rather than recognized for who you are and what you bring to the table?
  • Hesitate instead of moving confidently in your leadership?

The Next Octave Women’s Leadership Program (NOWLP) is for  leaders and emerging leaders who want to grow the power of their contribution to community or business in service to the world.

"This program changed how I think of myself as a woman. it changed how I think of myself as a leader. It affirmed the 'real me' or rather the real woman inside of me. I have never been happier. As I work to embody all I learned my 'next octave' is unfolding with a grace and ease I never would have imagined was possible."
Jennifer Kenny, Chief Information Technology Officer, Stanford Research Institute

Like many of us, you may sense that the world is changing and that you have a role to play. In this community of mature women you will clear the blocks to your fullest expression. You will give voice to your vision and develop your leadership presence. You will learn to trust your wise self, increase your effectiveness and, most importantly, value your unique strengths.

The 'Next Octave' is for women who are called to lead change; who see the needs and sense what is possible for themselves and the world; and who want to close the gap between their visions and how they live each day.


Please let us know if you would like to receive an application to be part of this extraordinary circle of women. We'd love to talk with you. Anita - TWC Administrator: 415.888.3099 

Graduates of 2011 in Sayulita, Mexico

The Next Octave Women's Leadership Program equips you to:

  • Design your leadership role for the next phase of your work and life.
  • Increase confidence and release doubts, even in times of great challenge.
  • Connect your natural gifts with improved skills for more substantial contribution.
  • Gain courage and freedom of expression.
  • Tap reservoirs of power in your greatest asset, your feminine wisdom.
  • Engage the power of emergent change.
  • Significantly expand your sphere of influence.

By the end of the program you will:

  • Establish the foundation for the next octave and decade of your life and work.
  • Take action on your priorities.
  • Break down old limiters.
  • Turn on the power of the Nine Facets of your Feminine Wisdom.
  • Awaken your evolutionary self through the five Wisdom Dimensions.
  • Enjoy more happiness, passion, and greater satisfaction.
  • Access a mature community of resourceful women colleagues.
  • Learn best practices, update your skills and get fresh ideas.Yummy meals together

Sarah Brightwood"Karen's perspective and experience have been invaluable. I now have the wise elder I always prayed for to help me navigate the complexity of an international family owned business. Participating in the Next Octave Women's Leadership Program and Karen's coaching has given me more confidence and freedom to make choices that nourish me."

Sarah Brightwood, President, Rancho La Puerta Spa (recognized as #1 for the second year in a row by Travel and Leisure)


"NOWLP was the community of women that I longed for…women who are truthful in their response and feedback, loving and open regarding their personal growth process."
2010 participant

"I found my voice and now I can't stay quiet about my passions! In NOWLP I built a business that matched my unique vision and found new congruence inside and out.  I also got my health and strength back with more self care and better boundaries."
2009 participant

 RETREAT DATES: No longer offered in this format. Take a look at the Beauty, Grace, and Love program coming up in May 2016 or join Karen at beautiful Rancho La Puerta in December 2016.

Hui ho'olana pool

Opening Retreat ~  San Francisco Bay area. 

Special Bonus! Wisdom ThinkTank weekend workshop ~San Francisco Bay area.

Culminates with week-long retreat.

 You will rediscover the heart of what matters the most to you.

From stillness arises vision clarity. The wise path forward is revealed, stone by stone, mile by mile.

Please email or call us today to learn more. We’d love to personally talk with you.


Facilitated by Karen Wilhelm Buckley. Call or email Karen personally at 415.888.3099 or

"In the Next Octave you will learn to cherish your wisdom and power and use it to accomplish what matters the most to you. Improve your ability to function in this unpredictable and fast-changing world. Begin to see  the full scope and potential impact of your wise leadership to create a better world for your children and their children.

As women we spiral into the depths and return renewed from a week of retreat and good conversations with other women"

Karen Buckley




Please let us know if you would like an application to be part of this extraordinary circle of women.


This Program includes:

Hui ho'olana meditation room

  • Opening and Culminating residential retreats
  • Personalized coaching
  • Wisdom Partner coaching and Monthly ThinkTanks via teleconference
  • Extensive support across your life, love and leadership as you design and lean into your next octave
  • Graduate community of resources and support
  • Evolutionary educational curriculum and resources including:
  • The Nine Facets of Feminine Wisdom in Leadership(tm) training
  • Leadership Constellation work
  • The Five Dimensions of Wisdom 
  • The Author Your Life Continuum(tm)
  • Leading Complex Change and IGNITE Feminine Wisdom workbooks
  • A signed copy of the Savvy Leadership Strategies for Women book
  • Tools and practices for sustained progress beyond the course

Who is the Next Octave Women's Leadership Program for? This program is for you if you are a woman leader who wants to apply your leadership skills in a new way or an emerging leader who wants to develop your ability to lead. You might be a mom, entrepreneur, small business owner, community leader, social activist, philanthropist, manager, or executive. In the midst of change or feeling an inner call that will not be ignored, you find yourself yearning to develop as a leader and to experience greater satisfaction in your work and life.

"NOWLP felt uplifting, filled with deep feminine connection and inspiration. I loved the caring, authentic and timely support for going into my creative process and making significant changes in my relationships and business. Thank  you for your gifts of love and integrity."
Bobbi Spurr, PA, Ph.D, Naturopathy

"In addition to learning specific tools to integrate into my business and leadership, I felt deeply supported by a wonderful, highly functioning successful group of women. I now enjoy mutually respectful relationships with several, and look forward to more business collaboration. NOWLP was perfect timing given the transitions in home, marriage, and business I was going through! Karen Buckley holds a beautiful space for women to drop into their truth and step out into their feminine leadership."
Karen Solomon, Success Appeal. Educator, Speaker, Image Consultant

"Feminine wisdom means trusting my instincts, gently saying what I actually see, cutting to the chase faster, and feeling more positive assurance inside. As a result, I do less and produce bigger results. I used to over-function and make things happen by sheer force. I'm learning to surrender into an emerging flow and rely on others more. Rather than leading from control and drive, I am more patient and compassionate and surprisingly my leadership is more powerful."
Jennifer Kenny, 2010


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"NOWLP was the community of women that I longed for…women who are truthful in their response and feedback, loving and open regarding their personal growth process."
2009 participant

"The woman's leadership program supported me to be with myself in a new way....Feeling the support of this circle of women propelled me into finishing things on my list that had been waiting for my attention for months and years. I discovered how to accomplish all that I intended, but in a new way. By the end of the program I was carried by a way of being that led me deeper into myself and supported me to trust the deep spaces of my feminine self. It was also clear to me that I was not the only one in the group having this experience."
Wendy Grace, Social activist & Community Leader, 2011

"NOWLP helped me let go of the past and create my future from the inside. I found permission to be uncertain and supportive safety while I evolved. The result? I expanded into the joy of my authentic leadership as a woman."
2008 participant

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