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Organizational Consulting

Re-orient your company’s culture to develop wise leadership.

Women leaders, learn to use your unique approaches to improve your ROI and mission impact.


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Organizational Consulting & Executive Coaching

Our team brings experience and expertise from over 25 years of experience. Our clients grow in their leadership capacity while developing the skills and strategies needed to cultivate teamwork, innovation, and committed performance. We enjoy facilitating critical meetings and leading senior management retreats on wise leadership, managing complex change, and integrating spirit in business.

Women as an Under-Utilized Resource

Women increasingly fill the ranks in all industries, yet they are frequently an under-utilized resource. Too often, as these women assert their equality to move up the hierarchies they emphasize masculine approaches and skills. If they integrated the power of their innate feminine wisdom, they would increase their effectiveness and the power of their contribution to the organization. The organization's ROI improves as well. **

The Wisdom Connection offers consulting, training and leadership development services that accomplish several aims:

  • Develop women leaders and their ability to utilize and leverage innate attributes
  • Re-orient the company culture to welcome women’s leadership and utilize their unique approaches
  • Improve team functioning in teams of women
  • Build connection between women for greater mutual support and advancement

**Learn more about the Catalyst Study on how ROI improves with women in top management >>

We’d love to speak with you more about your needs and how our knowledge and experience can benefit your organization. Please contact us today.

“…women represent an untapped economic resource…[it] is their tendency to use a leadership style I call “interaction.” In contrast to the command-and-control model, the interactive model emphasized such attributes as consensus building, comfort with ambiguity, and the sharing of power and information. These attributes are increasingly recognized as critical to fast-changing, service-oriented, entrepreneurial, international organizations – the types of organizations best equipped to compete in the new global environment….I propose that there is a convergence between the need to reinvent today’s organizations and the interactive leadership style of women.” America’s Competitive Secret, Judy B. Rosener, U.C. Irvin

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