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The Wisdom Connection Story

Karen Wilhelm Buckley(L) and Fay Freed(R) launched The Wisdom Connection on April 19, 2008. Connecting women with their feminine wisdom, leadership and their ability to lead change was their passion! 

In 2011 Fay left an active Co-Director role with The Wisdom Connection to join her husband Ronn Landsman in Star Consulting. Karen continues as Director, in full appreciation of Fay and her many gifts.

Our story: In 2005 Fay and Karen combined their intensive research into women’s leadership and feminine power, gifts and approaches as well as their extensive experience in listening discerningly to hundreds of women over the years.  In conversation for many hours, investigating the many dimensions of the feminine they developed a new beautiful weaving, a body of work on feminine wisdom.

With Fay's empowering encouragement and insightful distinctions, Karen then spent many hours shaping the ideas, teasing out clear perceptions, synthesizing, and adding diverse examples into a draft of the book on The Nine Facets of Feminine Wisdom, one key element of the Wisdom Connection programs and services. 

Karen and Fay founded The Wisdom Connection in 2008 to take the principles, discinctions, and practices to work in the lives of women through programs and coaching.

The Wisdom Connection programs and services draw from decades of research and exploration into many aspects of wisdom and power – from evolutionary relationships to the role of intuition in leadership to convening conversations that matter, as well as the approaches to leadership, team building, and change of women leaders.

Hundreds of women found them useful, and particularly in a relationship to their leadership. Together Fay and Karen created a context for long-lasting and transformational change, focusing on women and their lives.  Through the Wisdom Connection programs and services they developed, each woman brought out the power of her innate and natural Feminine Wisdom.

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