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SOAR! Scholarship Program

 A BIG thank you to Me Ra Koh for this great opportunity for lots of women to Soar!!


We Want All of You to Succeed!

If you are looking to make a change in your business, your life and the world, we are here to support you through The Wisdom Connection Newsletter (sign up here!), Teleclass, Programs, and Coaching. We want every one of you to be as successful as you want to be and enjoy a fulfilling life as well!

Take your next step right now. One step in the right direction gets you where you want to go! Check out our Workbook for some perfect questions to get you focused today.
By the end of the year you can all SOAR! Every month our blog will include the questions that the SOAR! scholarship winners will be answering in their business coaching so that everyone can strengthen their wings and really fly.
Let us know what would be helpful to you and the questions you’d love to see answered. We create new tips, tricks, and programs to answer the questions we receive!

Here's what the 2009 Soar! Scholarship recipients have to say about coaching with us:

"Coaching with Fay and Karen helped keep me grounded and focused during a year filled with unexpected challenges and personal growth. Not only have they helped me to build a solid foundation for my photography business, they have helped me become a stronger, more confident business woman."

Linda Baylis
Linda Baylis Photography 


"When everything around me was spinning wildly, Karen and Fay's direction was the calm that allowed me to move forward in the chaos. Their practical, 'define and deal with what is so', guidance was what kept my momentum going as a brand new business-woman!  Their willingness listen and their familiarity with the struggles of a woman, wife, and mom helped me make my mark while wearing all of my titles!"

Jennifer Armstrong
Jen Armstrong photography


“I had no idea what I was getting myself into the first time that I met Fay and Karen, or as I like to call them Faren and Kay.  These two amazing women helped me realize that what needed to change in my life was so much more than my business instincts.  They helped me to find the strong and unique person that has been hidden away for a lifetime.  Through their gentle guidance and reminders I feel that a year later I am a different person.  Their business coaching guided me to identify and set goals that were tailored to my wants and needs for my personal business.  Their impact on my life has been priceless.  Their is nothing more that I can say, other than “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart!!”  

Lindsay Baumgartner
Lindsay Baumgartner Photography 

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