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Wisdom Compass Workbook

The Wisdom Compass Workbook helps you align with your own true-north - your inner wisdom.

These questions are tools - use them to bring sanity to a crazy moment, add vigor when you hit the doldrums, and increase focus in your life and work. Centered confidence is a gift you give yourself.

Also, you may enjoy the ebook -- IGNITE your Feminine Wisdom - in our Products section. it's great for personal reflection or to use in a women's circle.

I.  Where are you Focused? 

Discover or deepen your inner compass from the inside out as you tap into your wisdom. Reveal stillness at the end of each breath. Slow down to breathe 3 times in and out. Find stillness between each question. Listen. Give your attention to what arises, even if it seems crazy or you are not sure what it means. Invite your inner wisdom to speak.

In this moment:

  1. What would make my heart sing? What might ignite my passion?
  2. What's one way I could you include more of this in my work? In my life?
  3. What support do I need?
  4. What is one small step I will take this week to align with my inner compass?

"The beginning the edge the moment a change arrives stillness is the way to catch it to be there at that very moment but how often is stillness with us?  Are we still?" ~ On the Wind, Mary Oliver

II. Where are you Centered?

If you are feeling off-balance, drained or uncertain. When you find yourself in a complicated or confusing situation, if you feel out of sorts and you are not sure why. What options are there other than eating chocolate? :) Take a breath, lower your shoulders , and ask yourself centering questions.

Ask yourself:

  1. Right now, what do I know to be true?
  2. Right now, what am I curious about? What questions do I have? (be careful not to blame with a question like - How could you have done that to me!! – instead – I wonder why he did that?)
  3. When was a time when I felt centered, confident and balanced?  How can I return to this feeling now?

 These questions can open your mind and heart to you – your wisest self, natural magnificence and your endless possibilities. One busy mom we know takes them in the car and chooses a question for reflection when she’s waiting for the kids to get out of a class. A senior level manager answers one/week in her calendar book.

These questions empower you to strengthen your inner compass as a wise leader, whether you lead in your family, community, workplace or the world.  Choose one as you go to sleep, then write first thing in the morning. Personal reflection is a precious gift you give to you.

I feel there is something unexplored about woman that only a woman can explore… 
Georgia O’Keefe (1887-1986) American painter.

Let us know - how did these questions work for you? We might post your stories on Karen's blog.

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