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Where Wisdom Meets the Feminine

A global shift is underway. Like many of us, you may sense that the world is changing and that you, your team or organization, have a role to play.

Women around the world are stepping up and changing their organizations and communities by living the truth of who they are, by trusting their experience and feminine wisdom.

This is the time to authentically lead, to be powerfully effective with clear purpose and a deep sense of fulfillment.

All this is possible. We offer wisdom retreats, training programs, coaching, and organizational consulting to help you be the leader you are called to be from any position, in any community or organization.


Women's Wisdom Retreat - The Power and Gifts of Love

A transformative virtual program led by Karen Wilhelm Buckley and Dianne Morrison with Suki Munsell, Ph.D.

For the first time ever, we are offering our women's retreat on-line! This will be an exquisite week as we uncover all that's possible when we come from love in the world, whether at work or at home.

In this time of uncertainty and social distancing, connecting with each other, from and in a space of love becomes vitally important.

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Women Leading Change

Around the world, women are stepping up to lead. Our work empowers women to produce unprecedented results, personally and in their teams, and to sustain these changes.

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Women Leaders Coaching

Our coaching clients develop the capacity to lead from any position in organizations and communities. Working with us they learn skills and generate strategies to fully utilize and leverage innate strengths, approaches, and sensibilities as women leaders.

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Check out our interviews, radio shows, and other media and resources.

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