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Advancing Women in Leadership

Our mission is twofold: to advance women in leadership and develop women as wise leaders who create meaningful results.

Our work towards an integrated wisdom starts in a healthy and balanced relationship of the feminine and masculine. We believe that this wisdom is up to the task of more effectively organizing human society so that it is sustainable, vitally healthy, and truly prosperous.

We highlight crucial distinctions and empowering insights through our programs and services. For more on Karen’s background visit Communicore Consulting.

The Wisdom Connection programs and services draw from over three decades of consulting and coaching with women, extensive research and personal exploration into many aspects of wisdom and power – from the power of love to the role of intuition in leadership. The 9 Facets of Feminine Wisdom in Leadership illuminates women’s natural approaches to leadership, team building, and managing complex change.

Our programs develop women leaders and their companies by utilizing the untapped resource of wisdom in leadership. Since 2012, Karen has convened an annual retreat for women leaders on the Hawaiian island of Molokai. Women leaders, businesswomen, activists, artists, educators, and authors enjoy a nourishing week of personal discovery and professional development. This year’s retreat, co-lead with Dianne Morrison, has been moved online for the first time ever. Join us!

The Wisdom Connection was co-founded with Fay Freed in 2006. Hundreds of women transformed their leadership through the Next Octave Women’s Leadership Development Programs held in the Mexico and the US from 2006 – 2012.

Conversations with Remarkable Women were a series of evenings held in 2010-2012 where Fay Freed and Karen Buckley interviewed women leaders like Lynne Twist, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Patricia Ellsberg, and Geneen Roth. Visit our Media and Resources page LINK to hear these remarkable women.

In 2003, 2004, and 2005 Karen created a series of women’s forums, Honoring the Wisdom and Power of Women Leaders, in San Francisco and Switzerland with Spirit in Business International, and Santa Barbara at the World Business Academy, “Global Mind Change” conference as part of the Wisdom Leadership Initiative.

Our focus is on developing the feminine wisdom and feminine power of women leaders. It's time! We have a role to play and for our leadership to make the essential difference, we need to lead with our feminine wisdom at the core. But what is it? (visit Karen's blog for more insight, skills development, and stories from many wise women on this topic)

The Wisdom Connection Vision of Feminine Wisdom

Feminine wisdom is the essential core of a woman, the source of her personal power, compassion, relational capacity, and far-reaching vision. After decades of research, and working with hundreds of women, we've found that when a woman reclaims, refines and reveals her feminine wisdom she experiences unprecedented confidence and extraordinary joy that expands her leadership influence and impact in family, community, business and the planet.

Are you Trying too Hard?

Without a flourishing Feminine Wisdom, you might spend your life slightly off kilter, off balance, trying so hard to be “right”, to be sufficient, to make real all your heart’s desires. Repeating the past, feeling trapped in what you’ve known, are you depleted from over-giving and crafting a life without a central source of personal power?

Create a New Future with your Wisdom

A new future cannot be created from what we’ve known in the past. By developing the asset of your integrated wisdom, you'll become an open and curious person capable of creating a new future because you stand in an unshakeable essence inside yourself. No longer stuck on the endless loop, repeating unsatisfying past behaviors and choices, your wisdom can show you how to get off the “merry-go-round” and emerge into a life filled with all that matters most.

A Woman and Her Feminine Wisdom

The best part is that when you draw your feminine wisdom back into the center of your being, and link it to your leadership, you naturally increase your contribution - both fertility and power - of your service to your family, community, organization, and the world!

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