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Women's Wisdom Retreat - Online
Courage of the Heart

April 25-29, 2022
3:00pm to 6:00pm Pacific Time


Courage is Love in Action


Acting from love often calls on courage from the heart. The root of the word courage is cor – the Latin word for heart. Our hearts are a potent force for change in the process of transformation, for self and with others.

In this time of continual change and uncertainty, the courage of the heart invites us to connect with others and enliven our ability to act from love. See some of our wonderful testimonials below.

In this retreat we will experience how Being Love and Coming from Love elevates our state of being so that our choices create the future we most want for ourselves and all life.


In The Courage of the Heart, we will discover how sharing an inner feeling or vision with another who selflessly listens and then asks questions with a deep interest, warms our hearts. Our shared interest and enthusiasm can set visions on fire, moving us beyond our fears, into strong activity. New insights become available that enliven our ability to act from love.

Together we will strengthen our practice of Acting from Love:

Our 5 Key Themes:

  1. Discover where the courage comes from to act from love.
  2. Explore moving through and with fear as the source of our power to act.
  3. Strengthen our ability to act from love even in difficult times.
  4. Face challenging situations with equanimity, activating the voice of love, kindness and compassion.
  5. Experience love as freedom to speak from your heart in whole new ways.

Each day Dianne and Karen will lead meditation, exploration and reflections on love, practices, inspirational poems and opportunities to share. Suki will offer movement during each session.

All sessions will be recorded for later viewing in case you can’t join us one of the days.

Who are we? Karen and Dianne are pioneers in personal transformation, business consulting and executive coaching. Suki brings her expertise in somatic exercise and body transformation.

Karen Wilhelm Buckley, M.S., Communicore Consulting, is committed to authentic leaders who generate substantive results while evoking wisdom and love, in themselves and their organizations.

Dianne Morrison, Effective Action Consulting, has clients invent themselves as inspiring leaders who produce breakthrough results while maintaining a work life balance.

Suki Munsell, Ph.D, Dynamic Vitality, works with students worldwide helping them move with greater efficiency and grace.

Building on our shared commitments and friendship, we invite you into this transformational journey.


Aloha Nui Loa! (warm love!)
Karen Wilhelm Buckley & Dianne Morrison & Suki Munsell

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For more on the topic of love, we encourage you to read Karen’s blog What If We Choose Love.

Reflections from Past Participants

I’ve designed and facilitated and co-facilitated a lot of women’s workshops and retreats. This was the first time I ever participated in one. So my intention was to give myself that gift this week. What I’m taking away is quite profound - that love comes from will. I had never really thought about it that way. I felt such deep connection, reflection and opportunity, very welcomed and safe here to just be who I am. Susan Taylor
I discovered that I had filled my head with self talk that didn’t serve me. I’ve learned how much I forget to love myself and the gifts that I bring to others. Having a new dialogue in my head is going to propel me forward instead of keeping me in the past. And that is magnificent. Jennifer
This online retreat felt like a rebirth in a way. I felt really heard and held. This whole week I’ve been peeling off layers of the old me. I allowed myself to birth a new vision of how I want to go forth in my self love, my love of my community, husband and my family. This has been absolutely terrific. Clare Ullman
I’ve been able to drop away a lot of old beliefs and begin to see the world with different eyes and how to share that love with others. I’ve uncovered my experiences of love, love of other people and love of myself. It’s a big, tremendous opening that I can expand on, and put more thought and attention to recognize all the love that’s in my life. Carla Daro
I miss this kind of community of women and I’m taking that with me in a really deep way and recognizing that it’s essential for my being. You’ve helped me appreciate that what I bring to the world is unique and important. I need to get it out there in a bigger way. Kathleen Thurmond
This beautiful retreat made me feel very safe. I am taking away a lot of tools and I’m taking away this community and relationships with all of you, which is so exciting and beautiful. And most importantly this is like the start of a new relationship with myself. Totally wild and great! Emily Parson

Click here to let us know you are interested and receive your personal invitation.

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